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Two simple steps:


  • Unique Advanced Polymer Synthetic Formula
  • Seals out harsh elements & UV Rays
  • Stops oxidation, cleans effectively
  • Safe on clearcoat & fiberglass finishes: great for RV's, aircraft, boats & more
  • Lasts a full year, outlasts wax 6 to 1


  • Safely removes finish contamination, salt residue & road grime
  • Extends the Perma Shield Finish Guard coating life with each washing
  • 300 to 1 super concentrate is economical, as well

  "Hello PermaShield,
After I finished polishing my truck and sharing your Perma Shield with a neighbor, I thought I would check the website and see if there was a comment section - there is and I'm commenting: This is the second time I've applied Perma Shield to my 5 year old truck (it has over 100k miles) and I tell you, what a great shine !" (MORE)

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  • It's Easy . . . . Saves Your Effort: Eliminates wax mess, easy on-easy off.
    [The included "User's Guide" gives simple directions that insures your successful application, every time.]

  • It's Durable . . . . Saves Your Time: Get a year's worth of protection in just an hour.

  • It's Effective . . . . Saves Your Investment: Maximizes your vehicles re-sale value by eliminating finish damage.

  • It's Affordable . . . . Saves Your Money : Just $ 5 per vehicle vs. $400 for 'Professional Application' by car dealers or detailers.

  • It's Unique. . . . . Not Available In Stores: Once available only by 'Professional Application', now available to the public, factory direct on this site via the Secure Store or customer service, at 1-951-240-2229.

  • It's Unconditionally Guaranteed . . . . You Must Be Satisfied: What do others say about their satisfaction ? Click here to read about their results.

  • "The Perma Shield Advantage". . . . Saves Your Effort, Time & Money ! When you consider enjoying these benefits costs no more than a large tank of premium fuel or a tune-up, ask yourself : Why not try The Perma Shield System, risk-free, today ?

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The 'Perma Shield Finish Care Kit' covers up to 5 large vehicles (truck, SUV), 10 small cars or 2 [20 ft] RVs with the Finish Guard, plus it washing up to 100 vehicles with our  Polymer Ultra Wash, all for just $ 47.95 plus shipping !

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Car Dealers charge $400 or more for "new car paint sealant", per vehicle.
THE PERMA SHIELD SYSTEM is a better process, at about $5 cost per vehicle!



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