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This 1997 Dodge Ram Cummins Turbodiesel Truck is our full time demo vehicle and daily workhorse! It' s immaculate condition is strong testimony to the preservative effects of THE PERMA SHIELD SYSTEM!
Not a garage kept, weekend vehicle, it has over 150,000 hard driven, on and off-road miles in just 9 years of daily use. It is used on dusty dirt roads and mountain driving in every kind of weather imaginable. With this kind of treatment, waxes would last but 1 or 2 months, maximum.
THE PERMA SHIELD SYSTEM gives the Dodge about 10 months of prime protection, and given this extreme service, this is a tremendous increase over waxing.
We use the PERMA SHIELD FINISH GUARD on all the paint, fiberglass shell, chrome, window glass. When excessively dirty, we wash with THE ULTRA WASH POLYMER AUTO WASH mixed 300 to 1 with water (1 ounce to about 2.5 gallons of water). If just lightly dusty (not muddy), we can use the California Car Duster for quick clean up. The duster really works well, considering the extreme smoothness of the PERMA SHIELD FINISH GUARD.

This Dodge will last another 20 years or so, and look great the whole time! When people see the truck live at our demonstrations, they frequently ask how we like it, what modifications have we done, mileage, etc. Some are big Dodge Cummins Diesel fans, some like trucks and others are just curious.

So to satisfy all those who ask: We are very proud, and happy to share our experience with this outstanding truck: Feel free to click the following link if you'd like to know more about our experience, details on modifications or recommeded aftermarket items, or great Dodge Diesel Club links and so forth.



This 1982 Mercedes was restored with Perma Shield:

"....Thank you so much for the Perma Shield, it worked wonders on my badly faded -82 Benz! It reqiured 2 applications but, it did the job, where the waxes had not. I have recomended Perma Shield to friends! Feel free to use enclosed photo.
- S.B. , Anza Ca.

A San Diego area customer wrote about her faded truck:
". . . . I just wanted to say, your product delivers what it promises!  The paint on my truck was dull and lifeless
even after waxing.  But after applying Perma Shield, my truck had the depth and lustre of a new paint job!
It's beautiful, and wornderful, Thanks !"   -    C.B., El Cajon, CA
A former wax user discovered the benefit of switching to PERMA SHIELD:
". . . . We purchased your product - Perma Shield . . . and have used it on our 1987 300ZX Nissan . . .
it always did have a good shine and Turtle Wax Polish, but now, it is positively bright, and that is putting it mildly, it
looks great, almost brand new! . . . We would appreciate knowing what the charge would be per case, we've had many
requests for your products, and we recommend it."   -   J.B., Oceanside, CA
A customer from British Columbia was thrilled with the results:
"I tested it (PERMA SHIELD) on my own vehicles and the results are astounding.  I am completely satisfied
and thrilled.  So much so that, if you need a representative to demonstrate your products, I would like to know...."
J.S., Surrey, B.C., Canada
Motorhome owner delighted to switch from wax to PERMA SHIELD:
"I have used Meguiar's (wax) on my motorhome for years, it did an excellent job.  However, once I used
PERMA SHIELD , I was sold on the results.  No water spots, a harder and shinier finish, it does an
excellent job on glass and numerous finishes.  For me, your product is tops!
Mr. Edward Hess, Kissimmee, Florida
9 year old motorhome, badly faded, was restored when other products failed:
"My R.V. is nine years old and the fiberglass was in poor conditon.  I'd tried numerous cleaners and waxes with little to
no success.  Then I saw PERMA SHIELD demonstrated. . . . I decided to try it.  Surprise!  I found a product that really
worked.  It's fabulous!  My R.V. now has a shine. . . . "  - Yvonne Gardner, Hemet, CA 
Aviation enthusiast / pilot has this great report on his airplane finish results: 
"Last summer I purchased a 32 oz bottle of your PERMA SHIELD at the state fair with the intent of using it on
my airplane.  Over the years I have used a variety of products that have provided only marginal short-term benfit.  Bug removal from the leading edges of the plane was difficult, even soon after waxing.  I am pleased to report to you that since I began using PERMA SHIELD, cleaning and bug removal time has been cut dramatically.  The finish remains strong even after several washings, and after months of direct sunlight.  I can state without qualification that PERMA SHIELD
is the best product I have found for protection of my aircraft finish!  Congratulations on a great product!.
Mr. Douglas W. Mead,  La Canada Flintridge, CA
Corporate jet pilot is delighted with the results on their million dollar aircraft:
". . . . we decided to purchase a bottle to try on the stainless steel leading edges of our business jet.  We were very
delighted with the finish results and will highly recommend your product to others in the aviation field.  Flying at 600 mph, you hit a lot of bugs, etc, which were very hard to get off.  After using your product, the bugs are fewer and alot easier to remove and still leave a shine.  Again, you have a very satisfied customer . . . "  D.W.L, Chief Pilot, Crofton, MD
Oregon user got PERMA SHIELD as a gift, now wants to order more:
"About 2 years ago, my husband was given a bottle of PERMA SHIELD as a present. . . . He used it and it worked beautifully!!  Our boat still looks terrific . . . we have been trying to locate some more of your product. . . . please let us know
how to obtain more of your product"     - K.M., Grant's Pass, OR
 Contractor uses PERMA SHIELD for his business and personal vehicles:
"Please send two quarts of your Perma Shield Finish.  I use it on my personal and business vehicles with good sucess!"
V.T. , Contractor, Concord, CA
A man from Keizer, Oregon fixed a problem on his boat and motorhome with PERMA SHIELD:
"I was told about your product by my son's friend who swore by it.  I tried it on the windshield of my boat.  It went from a cloudy, scratched-up mess to very clear with little effort.  I then applied it to my motor home.  Was I ever amazed!  It made it smooth and shiny.  I've tried lots of products on the market that claim to do the same thing your product does, but to no avail.  It's THE BEST
STUFF I've ever used. . . and I'll continue to tell my friends about it.  -  R.U.  Keizer, OR.

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