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DESCRIPTION : This advanced polymer formula is uniquely formulated to your finish needs ! It is so durable, effective, versatile and easy to use that you'll never give wax a second thought!  With just one application (or two, on neglected/faded finishes) it will remove embedded road film, oxidation and stains.  It will then seal your finish with a durable shine that lasts, on average, six times longer than wax   Many users find a single annual coating to be quite sufficient!  Whether your finish is paint or fiberglass, you will be satisfied to see just how well PERMA SHIELD FINISH GUARD works to protect from damage due to the elements.

COVERAGE: This product is a unique, professional formulation - which simply means FULL STRENGTH, not watered down (in comparison to the vast majority of "consumer" store bought products) therefore, with only  1-2 ounces, you may expect to cover you may expect to cover a small-medium size car, or small truck, 2-3 ounces covers: medium-large size car, or a mini-van; 3-4 ounces covers: large car, large truck or SUV.

Of course, coverages can vary:  Once you've gotten your vehicle finish to be 'conditioned' to the Perma Shield treatment, it will usually even less Perma Shield than stated above. 

Conversely, on a weathered finish that is being 'restored' by 2 or 3 sucessive Perma Shield applications, it will require more ounces, initially, to 'rejuvinate' the finish and restore appearance qualities.  From then on, the finish will probably require just an average amount to achieve annual protection !

VEHICLES COVERED: Our 16 oz. Pint covers: up to 4-5 SUV's, 8-10 compact autos or [2] 20' RV's.  For those with large vehicles, RVs, boats, aircraft usage, or for other commercial applications, a discount is available when ordering in quantities of 3, 6 or full cases.   




DESCRIPTION: This excellent product is formulated to work with the PERMA SHIELD FINISH GUARD.  It gently washes away and road contaminants, bugs, road film and dirt, while not degrading the FINISH GUARD in any way.  We call it a "super concentrate" because you can mix it about 300 to 1 ratio with water (1 ounce to 2.5 gallons water), making it a great value! 
COVERAGE: In keeping with it's "super concentrated" nature, you can quite easily wash 2 or 3 vehicles with just one ounce mixed to a bucketful of water, meaning the 32 oz. commercial size" quart should wash up to 100 + vehicles. 
SIZES:  The ULTRA WASH POLYMER SHAMPOO SUPER CONCENTRATE is available in two sizes: The 16 oz. "consumer size"pint, or the larger 32 oz. "commercial size" quart.  The quart bottle is the better value, when coverage versus price is considered.



PRICING: The PERMA SHIELD FINISH CARE KIT, features the FINISH GUARD in 16 oz size, and the ULTRA WASH POLYMER SHAMPOO CONCENTRATE Concentrate in the 32 oz size.   
This Kit will seal and protect about 8-10 compact vehicles, and will wash 100 + vehicles, selling for just $ 47.95.
This costs about $ 5/per vehicle for the best protecting, longest lasting finish coating available anywhere, and a mere fraction of the new car dealers typical charge of $ 400 per new car ! Visit our On-line store and order them now.
WHOLESALE PRICING: There are quantity discounts available for multiple bottle purchases, and the products are available in case quantities as well.
Please visit our on-line store now and find out more about this.Please visit our on-line store now and find out more about this.