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1) Wash vehicle surface thoroughly using the ULTRA WASH POLYMER SHAMPOO super concentrate mixed according to label directions. This step is important to safely and effectively remove dirt, grime and road film. This is an excellent prep for the next step:

2) Apply the PERMA SHIELD FINISH GUARD to the vehicle surfaces: paint or fiberglass, chrome, aluminum, window glass or Plexiglas. As directed on label: use a thin layer, allow to dry for 30 minutes or so, begin removing with only light buffing ....and there you have it, the most durable, beautiful and effective protection available anywhere! Reapply as needed, typically just once a year!
(More frequent use, if desired, is no problem).

* DURABILITY & LONGEVITY - Six times the length of protection vs. any car wax. You spend minimal time applying it, maximum time enjoying it!

* PROTECTION - The PERMA SHIELD SYSTEM goes right through the toughest, and most harsh conditions you can encounter: searing heat, icy cold, constant rain and corrosion. Because it's heatproof AND waterproof, it lasts through intense summer heat, not melting like wax, or washing away in frequent rain or washing. It even prevents damage from bird droppings and acid rain!

* EASE OF USE - Minimal effort is required to apply and remove PERMA SHIELD. It doesn't harden like wax, so removal is not difficult. No buffer required!

* VERSATILITY - A single coat protects any new or like new finish. On older finishes it removes oxidation and restores original shine and gloss!

THE PERMA SHIELD SYSTEM can benefit the following vehicles in these ways......
CARS & TRUCKS: Preserves the finish regardless of the conditions you must drive in ...heat, cold, wet or dry...with salt corrosion or bird or tree dropping ...PERMA SHIELD will stand the test!
MOTORHOMES & TRAVEL TRAILERS: Protects the vulnerable fiberglass, aluminum or stainless steel from fading, streaking and bug marking! Never again have an unsightly finish, typically with just one annual application! 
BOATS & WATERCRAFT: Even though the marine environment is a tough one, THE PERMA SHIELD SYSTEM is up to the challenge!  It has the ability to seal and protect both fiberglass, metal and glass from the destructive effects of corrosion!  In salt or fresh water use, (on top or bottom use) fading, corrosion and alge growth is minimized. Outlasts boat waxes 6 to 1, greatly reducing labor.
AVIATION: Airplanes frequently see demanding conditions that require what THE PERMA SHIELD SYSTEM delivers: Durability, Protection, Ease of Use and Versatility.  Resists fuel residue, exhaust heat, particle abrasion and UV rays, so the finish is kept smooth and beautiful!
INDUSTRIAL & FARM EQUIPMENT: The qualities described above will benefit virtually any equipment: tractors to combines, shredders to cement mixers, box trucks to semi-trucks!


GLASS and MIRRORS: adds a non-stick property to glass, minimizing constant recleaning. Repels moisture to help driving safety in wet weather!

METALS: removes tarnish and brake dust - ideal for rims, bumpers, polished or clearcoated wheels and so on. Holds shine and protection long-term even on aluminum items!






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